Sandwich Fabric Car Seat Cover
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Sandwich Fabric Car Seat Cover
This seat is universal, suitable for most small models 5 seat car.

1, the product is in front of the sandwich fabric: with breathable, comfortable, exquisite feeling, reduce electrostatic effect, suitable for computer embroidery, is a kind of fabric to make general seating ideal, the back is pineapple cloth: with enhanced elastic effect, make the product more easy to install.

2, products using high-quality comfortable chair cover special fabric production, dirt resistant, wear-resistant, easy to clean, not faded, not shrink, do not fall off.

3, applicable to a variety of models, a novel design of cool, let your car to show the unique charm.

4, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy to wash, can be repeated washing, keep clean and comfortable interior space.

5, do not contain benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances.



Commitment and hint: the product is detachable, when cleaning, please use neutral detergent or dry, cold water can also be used.

Do not put the cigarette butt, fire exposure to the product, so as to avoid damage.

Sale of the company covers are tested, and strive to achieve no quality problem, please rest assured to buy, such as product quality problems,






Car seat cover


Gray, yellow, red, black, beige

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China Zhejiang

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For personal use, gift

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